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Our Vision

Here at Vegan House Foods we believe in tasty grub regardless if you are vegan or not.

Our Vision is to introduce and Enlighten the world about Plant Based Food and show non believers that vegan food can be filthy and indulgent.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to innovative and create original cuisine with traditional recipes – making new meat alternatives in hope to change the perception of meat eating folks.

Join the Vegan House Foods movement – we want to bring people together and show the world cruelty free life style.


The idea of running a mobile business was planted since the young age, back then Sasha Alexander was just finishing his GSCE’s. Roll on a decade from that, in 2017 Vegan House Foods was created. On Christmas day we purchased our beloved horse box and after few home cooking trials we hit the road with the festival scene during the summer.

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